Jylda – The Body

The Open

Remember seeing Drive for the first time? And how the music was all syrupy and hypnotic and slowly got under your skin with every bar? Well, that’s at least how we recall the day we saw it on the big screen for the first time. Well, the new single from Jylda, a Berlin based singer and producer, makes you feel sort of like that. And it’s really fucking addictive.

Though you might sense a dark, evil quality underneath the song, the fact that it is so calm makes the turning point all the more surprising and extreme, I think. – Jylda

Now the video to this gem, which is called The Body, by the way, is a whole other bag of potato chips. It was directed by a fella by the name of David Vajda and it’s sort of a mash up of Big Lebowski and Lost Highway. This might sound strange now, but believe you us, it not only works, but is all that! We won’t give anything away, we’ll just say that the ending is really like something that feels like it was directly lifted from somewhere in that grotesque, Lynchian universe.

(Digression: Is anyone watching the new Twin Peaks BTW? And?)


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