It’s certain that moving image is getting ever more important, and in the field of fashion that counts for something as much as in any other creative industry.

We had a chat with Federico Canal Santiangeli, one of the brains behind Harbor, an aesthetic video with dreamy images featuring the work of young designer Paloma Suarez. He joined forces with Assiah Alcázar and Fabián García for this piece that they shot in La Palma, Canary Islands, which also is the birthplace of Paloma.

“We’ve been wanting to shoot something together for a while, we have another videoclip that’s about to be released and from the moment we talked with Paloma about this project, it caught our interest. She gave us complete freedom in our work which was great…”

The idea behind the film is a journey in itself, mixing the designs of Paloma with the scenery of the island La Palma, which was the only premise they had from the beginning. The script is written by Cintia Erre (also one of the beloved collaborators of Who Knows Magazine, red.) and tells a story of a young girl and her journey through the island, both physical and spiritual; reflecting on things ranging from the beauty of La Palma to the concerns we face nowadays in day to day life.

When asked about his opinion on the importance of the moving image in contrast to still images such as photography, Federico tells us: “I believe they are two different things, the one not being more important than the other. In fact, they complement each other, and even though they walk different paths, together they create a complete picture in the world of fashion.”

The next step after this project is another video Federico has been working on together with Assiah and Fabián, which will be released soon. Next to that he’s got a lot of material to work with from his recent trip to Malasia and he is continuously collaborating with Espositivo on interesting projects, but for now check out and enjoy the beauty of Harbor!


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