Chloe Hayward – ‘4 am’ by Vessels


A still from the ‘4 am’ video

Chloe Hayward, 28, is a VFX designer and director at My Accomplice, living in East London. Recently we stumbled upon one of her mindblowing videos for the single ‘4 am’ by the Vessels, which takes the viewer on an abstract journey through a landscape of outerspace.
“I had this idea of creating a journey to entirely made up planets a few years ago, but I’d never had the right artist or track to work with on it. When the label sent over the Vessels track I felt like it had such a powerful sound and it needed a visual with scale.”

She tells us she initially sent over an idea to shoot with a drone over breathtaking landscapes in Iceland, but since it was winter and flying a drone in potentially windy and wet weather didn’t sound like the best plan, she eventually came back with the idea she’d had a few years back.  “Each scene in 4 am has been made by taking elements from stock imagery and footage, de-constructing them and re-building in Photoshop to become a new place. In After Effects I then add camera moves and composite the moving elements… skies, water, volcano clouds etc. I think making scenes this way gives it quite an unusual style.”

The first music video she made was for ‘Capsize’ by Dels, with the help of Sergio Calderon and Jesse Richards, which went on to be nominated at the MVAs and was shown at the BFI in London as part of the One Dot Zero’s festival. “I had total creative freedom, there were no pre-conceptions of what it would or should be.”

The video marked the turning point in her career and got her noticed by her rep Jen @ Las Bandas Be Brave, who encouraged her to make the jump from full time compositor at a production company to a repped director.

Check out the video for 4 am by Vessels below:



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