A party scene

A party scene, by Loui Meeuwissen

A party scene, by Loui Meeuwissen

“I’m walking through an exhibition. There’s a computer screen on a desk showing a live stream of a party, resembling the Boiler Room performances I’ve seen on YouTube. I put the headphones on and watch the DJ play a dark techno set. Behind her, a guy seems to be trying to steal the show; he keeps staring into the camera narcissistically. Another guy is taking something out of his pocket. It’s a bag of cocaine. After snorting a key full, he gets back to dancing by himself, clearly enjoying the trip. Behind them a guy won’t stop using his phone. He’s constantly taking videos and selfies and checking Facebook.

There’s something weird about the scene; the actions keep looping. The Narcissist  is still looking into the camera whilst the Introvert Raver is taking his third key of coke in three minutes.

I take a look at the other works in the exhibition. When I get to the other side of the room, I hear a beat above my head that seems to be coming from the ventilation system. I follow the beat and go through a small door. The sound is getting really loud now. A bouncer is standing in the small hallway, holding a guest list. He says it’s one in, one out. After a few minutes he lets me into a small room full of machines and pipes; this must be the boiler room of the building. There are a few people dancing, but it’s only 3pm. Two studio lights light the scene. I recognize the DJ. Is this the party I saw on screen? Is this a real party? Are the other people visitors or actors? It becomes hard to distinguish what is real and what is staged. On closer inspection, it seems  like even the DJ is a model.”

This is the experience of my latest project ‘A Party Scene’, where I appropriated an off-space of a building during an exhibition, playing with curiosity and confusion. ‘A Party Scene’ shows the stereotypes you would  find at dance parties and the absurdity of their behaviour. The performance deals with the artificiality and the melancholic nature of the night life. It takes place between reality and fiction, the place that inspires me at these parties.

I’m currently finishing my studies at the Studio for Immediate Spaces at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. We are a group of individuals with an artistic practice coming from different backgrounds such as architecture, fine art, spatial design and graphic design, who deal with space. We include any place as a possible space, exploring and expanding the field of the interior as a specialized focus on space that has a direct relation to their users. For us they are inside and outside. They are here and on the moon. They exist in our minds and are physically around us.

text by: Loui Meeuwissen

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-15 om 12.20.23 snuif Schermafbeelding 2016-02-15 om 12.30.58 visitor surprised

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