Copper Stories

A modified excerpt from Copper Stories, a poetry in progress. Questions on the “I” as residing between the body and the mind, in physical and conceptual places, and for the writer of this text between two languages, sometimes in both. Here are no answers and

La Fraicheur – Rhus Typhina

We kick of the weekend with a series of mini videos by Berlin based artist and musician La Fraicheur, which serve as an intro to her recently released EP Rhus Typhina. The series consist of five clips, each with a duration of 15 seconds. “The

by Kaliula


Alexandru Iatan, 29, is a photographer & visual artist, forming half of Kaliula, making abstract works of art using collage and screen printing. If we define abstraction as something indefinable and without meaning, we could say that Kaliula is abstract even in its name: “It

Josimar Gomes – Mirrors

Dutch artist Josimar Gomes has recently released his latest track Mirrors, accompanied by a playfully artistic music video. “The song is mainly about self-reflection and why it’s such an important tool for self -improvement.” In the video he plays with different metaphors to make it

Maxime & Bob

Maxime Osseman and Bob van de Veen are two Dutch visual artists from Rotterdam, specialized in making visuals for music related events. For the latest edition of ‘Nachtduik’ (the Dutch word for Nightdive), they were the ones responsible for eight and a half hours of

Gisele Azad

Happiness and helping others A few years ago I met Gisele, 24, in a Berlin nightclub, and we became instant friends. She told me she had entered the Netherlands as a refugee from Iran at the age of four and has been actively involved with

Rianne Wieman

title: Creature of Change Rianne Wieman is a 24 year old mixed media artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. To her a new beginning means a point in time that can be decided any second, and influence every further step of the way. “A new

Taped Artifact

Sound & Visuals, a golden combination The music industry has always had a certain glamour, something appealing that makes many young people try and find their fortune in a world that’s said to be filled with the well-known ‘sex-drugs-and-rock&roll factor. Daan Kemp, 27, and Kevin

Lotic’s new mixtape

Lotic returns with Agitations, the follow up to his lauded 2014 Damstel In Distress mixtape It’s with an EP for TriAngle and high profiles remixes for Bjork in tow that the Texan producer sets foot back on Janus. The collective, label and clubnight founded in Berlin

The New Renaissance

Shaken by the incomprehensible roar of the outside world, it began to toss and turn, feeling around, trying to make sense of this seemingly new, yet comfortingly familiar environment. Held captive by the warmth and solace of its surroundings, the being lay there staring at