When I think about my adolescent self – I always go back to these times, perhaps because it was when I began to discover who I was – It feels like the life of another. The woman that appears there in my memory seems fake. It’s not me, although it was.

Languages’ 5 Videos To Get Tripping

The Berlin psych-pop duo dish out a psyechedelic platter that will bend your mind. We’ve reached out to Languages and asked them to take us deeper down their rabbit hole of hallucinatory influences. Pop open the tabs, pop some tabs… let’s go.

Franz Kirmann – Hypertrance

Franz Kirmann’s new album Elysian Park is derived from a series of video installations produced with Berlin design studio Zeitguised and fashion brand Franzius.

Daniel Ruane

Following the release of his recent LP The Interpreter, an album of radical remixes, Manchester producer Daniel Ruane returns with his newest offering Lakes, released just last week on LA’s Proximal records.

Elzeline Kooy

Those with a good memory might still remember the wild illustration accompanying our article on Madrid’s nightlife and music scene. The illustration I’m talking about is by the hand of 25-year old Dutch illustrator Elzeline Kooy, self proclaimed ‘happy drawer’, living and working in Rotterdam.


It’s certain that moving image is getting ever more important, and in the field of fashion that counts for something as much as in any other creative industry.

We had a chat with Federico Canal Santiangeli, one of the brains behind Harbor, an aesthetic video with dreamy images featuring the work of young designer Paloma Suarez.

oqko collective

The 5 defining tracks of the Berlin collective Ahead of their one year anniversary in Berlin’s Berghain Kantine, multi-disciplinary collective oqko look back at their first year of existence with five tracks that define the oqko sound. Cross-disciplinary and multinational collective oqko is the brainchild

Indrė Svirplytė

Indre Svirplyte, a Lithuanian born beauty who whose deep rooted passion for illustration prompted a revolutionary concept for the world of fashion.

Hilla Semeri

Hilla Semeri is a 20 year old illustrator and graphic design student based in Helsinki, Finland. Her younger years were spent in the city of Lahti, where she graduated from high school in a specialised art class.

#SummerStories: Are franchises temples?

It has been 17 minutes since he has not stepped on the pedal. He decides to turn on the radio. -A lost cow that allegedly, has fallen from a truck has caused traffic jam in the southeast …- The traffic report reveals the trigger of this unusual chaos.