Neu Matter

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Music is an ephemeral art form

We are talking to Neu Matter, a band of experimental music, to learn more about the project started by Luis Muñoz Nordberg, voice & lyrics, Rubén Herranz, guitar, Jaeson Miguel, bass, Aria Hurtado, keyboard and flute, and Dioni Vizcaya Bermudo, drums.

Neu Matter is a joined effort of 5 creative minds, how did you all come together?

The group is born out of a long standing friendship between Luis and Rubén. They’ve known each other for years and, as often happens when you have a good friend with whom you share interests, you always think of starting something together. They took the leap and actually did.

After that first step they met with Jaeson, whom they barely knew, but it was impossible not to be impressed by his way of playing the bass.

Finally, Luis had known Aria for a long time and knew of his desire to experiment, since he had always been in classical music one way or another and wanted to get away from it.

Photo: Fernando Valenti

Anyone of you has been part of any previous project?

Not really. Luis for example has played for a few years in the great band Celica XX but the way they worked with music there was completely different from what we do now. The same counts for the rest, we’ve collaborated in some band but we are all quite new to the scene.

Neu Matter is in a way experimental music. According to your own definition, you set off with the idea to give life to something new. To which audience do you direct your music?

We think that there are a lot of people with different tastes or interests that, in a way, could connect with our music, as has already happened. The people that came to our concerts tend to be very heterogeneous, which makes the moment truly beautiful.

I guess that a song is like an art work, to the artist it always seems unfinished, you can always do just that little bit more. When do you know that a song is done?

It’s never completely finished. Music is an ephemeral art form that traditionally, until a little over a century ago, disappeared when the musician stopped playing. The only existing tools to enjoy it, after the musician left, were the music scores and the memory. We have revived that philosophy a bit, because although we do have defined structures, when we play live modify the songs depending on the environment.

You are in the midst of the presentation of your newest EP, what do you hope to find during your tour?

We hope for symbiosis, that the people leave their worries behind and that they can let go of themselves during the concert, so the experience can be shared in that way.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced it, but if a band comes on stage to find only 10 people in the audience, what is the first feeling to arise?

Our music is an experience that can be lived either in collective form but also from individuality. There’s a clear difference between playing for 10 or 100 persons, but even though completely different moments they are equally enjoyable.

What are your next steps? Where can we find you?

Our next step is sharing our music with people outside of Madrid. It would be very interesting to find ourselves in places and halls in front of an audience that we don’t know nor who know us, but with a desire to get to know each other.

If you want to know more about this quintet, the best way to get to know them is through their music, which you can listen to on Spotify or on their Bandcamp.

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