We are Who Knows, a magazine about contemporary culture, made personal.
Contemporary culture is a sexy word for everything that happens at present time. It involves the interaction of different subcultures in a (civic) environment, influencing each other and creating an image of the Zeitgeist we live in together. The current contemporary culture is defined by young and inspiring people, following their dreams and doing things their own way.
They are people doing things we like.

Disorganise with quality
We want to break the rules, mess up the existing order, disorganise and cause chaos, but not with empty words and stupid actions. Quality is the most important value in everything we do.

Setting new standards
We are here to set a new standard, to build on the ruins of crisis and break with the past. The new standard is high, and we are more ambitious than ever to keep it that way.

Discover / explore
You don’t live if you don’t learn something new every day. We want to keep discovering and exploring, broaden our horizons, meet new people, see new things, and we want to do this until the day we die.

Evolution is inevitable. You grow, we grow with you. Without growth, contemporary culture does not exist.

The best things in life are created together. We don’t believe in competition and concurrence, we believe in in creating together, we believe in community. No one stands alone.

We don’t limit ourselves to borders. We always look further and bring you what is beyond.

Live, love, inspire, aspire, be real, never stop, move, travel, enjoy.