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Sequoia Ziff

Sequoia Ziff’s snapshots arise as a result of her attraction to timelessness and imperfection and of her desire to convey vulnerability and nostalgia. Her particular way of looking…


His passion for art began on a skateboard and was inspired by artists such as Neil Blender, Mark Gonzales and Chris Miller. Besides, he dreamt about making his own artwork in children’s books.

ZONE #3: “Anti-Human” eco-editorial

Our friends from the Kolor collective reached out to us with some new, unpublished material, a co-production between between the rising star of Brazil’s eccentric fashion scene, designer Fernando Cozendey, and Franco-Hungarian photographer Pol Kurucz, founder of the kolor collective.

Elzeline Kooy

Those with a good memory might still remember the wild illustration accompanying our article on Madrid’s nightlife and music scene. The illustration I’m talking about is by the hand of 25-year old Dutch illustrator Elzeline Kooy, self proclaimed ‘happy drawer’, living and working in Rotterdam.

Indrė Svirplytė

Indre Svirplyte, a Lithuanian born beauty who whose deep rooted passion for illustration prompted a revolutionary concept for the world of fashion.

Hilla Semeri

Hilla Semeri is a 20 year old illustrator and graphic design student based in Helsinki, Finland. Her younger years were spent in the city of Lahti, where she graduated from high school in a specialised art class.

The Photo Graduates: Sem Langendijk

Our eighth and last Photo Graduate is Sem Langendijk, a young photographer from Amsterdam. He grew up in an old railroad station after which he switched to boats, and from a young age on has known an environment in which people had a lot of freedom to follow their own path; living by their own standards and ethics.

The Photo Graduates: Luc Schol

This week’s Photo Graduate, 25 year old Luc Schol, is the first we have had to be born, raised and still residing in Rotterdam. He told us, “It’s not that I’m scared of seeing other places, it’s just that I can’t imagine myself somewhere else when it comes to the Netherlands”, making him an exceptional ambassador for both his city and his country.

The Photo Graduates: Lisa Helder

We are now onto week 6 in our series of talented young Photo Graduates, and this week we have Lisa Helder. Born in 1991, Amsterdam was home for Lisa right up until she began her photography studies.

The Photo Graduates: Emilia Aivazian

Unlike our previous Photo Graduates, this week’s 24-year-old Emilia Aivazian is born outside of the Netherlands. Having obtained her degree in Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and been based there for almost 13 years, Emilia’s birthplace is in fact Batumi.