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Remember seeing Drive for the first time? And how the music was all syrupy and hypnotic and slowly got under your skin with every bar? Well, that’s at least how we recall the day we saw it on the big screen for the first time.


JPTR is Everything! Well, technically, they’re a duo based in Zürich, Switzerland. Which is odd, because their press photos only feature one person: JPTR, a morph between KIU (Vocals and Drums) and IKARU (Drums and Vocals).


Icelandic artist astvaldur is fresh from the release of his debut album. Released via his Berlin collective and label oqko, ‘At Least’ is a sublime work of deconstructed ‘club’ music one could file in the vicinity of Arca and Lotic. Wallowing in lower frequencies and arctic melodies, astvaldur’s voice stands out as unique and highly refined, rising shoulders above the hyperconsumerist tendencies of the mesh of genres he draws inspiration from.

ZONE #3: “Anti-Human” eco-editorial

Our friends from the Kolor collective reached out to us with some new, unpublished material, a co-production between between the rising star of Brazil’s eccentric fashion scene, designer Fernando Cozendey, and Franco-Hungarian photographer Pol Kurucz, founder of the kolor collective.

#SummerStories: Are franchises temples?

It has been 17 minutes since he has not stepped on the pedal. He decides to turn on the radio. -A lost cow that allegedly, has fallen from a truck has caused traffic jam in the southeast …- The traffic report reveals the trigger of this unusual chaos.

#SummerStories: The Usual

The door opens allowing steam to escape into the icy night. A normal man enters. You couldn’t get more average than this guy. He’s bursting with mediocrity. Every detail is so common it’s as if society created him. It’s more than a pattern; it’s the ultimate pattern.

#SummerStories: Weak Sleek Bodies pt. 2

Stephen discovered Amazon Prime while he was in engineering school. For the first two weeks of class, he didn’t even get around to buying a blanket and sheets to cover the bed in his dorm room. He used a rolled up jacket as a pillow, and slept directly on the plastic mattress cover.

#SummerStories: Taking part in someone else’s nightmare

Being on a speedboat makes me feel alive. Feeling the wind on my skin, having the occasional spray of sea water that gives my whole body goosebumps. But when the sun goes down, things are different. I’m always up for a challenge, but the wind is picking up, and we somehow have to get home. Hoping for the best, we set out on the dark sea, led only by the moonlight.


This years WOO HAH! festival was one for the books. With a legendary line-up including Skepta, Young Thug and Tyler the creator, the 2nd of July it was bound to be a great day at the Spoorzone in the Dutch city of Tilburg.