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Gisele Azad

Last year in the midst of the European-wide refugee crisis we talked to Iranian-born Gisele Azad, one of the volunteers of the Dutch refugee organization ‘The Vrolijkheid’. Now, a year later she still works with them and has recently teamed up with photographer Lotte van Raalte for a multidisciplinary project with a story.

Elzeline Kooy

Those with a good memory might still remember the wild illustration accompanying our article on Madrid’s nightlife and music scene. The illustration I’m talking about is by the hand of 25-year old Dutch illustrator Elzeline Kooy, self proclaimed ‘happy drawer’, living and working in Rotterdam.


It’s certain that moving image is getting ever more important, and in the field of fashion that counts for something as much as in any other creative industry.

We had a chat with Federico Canal Santiangeli, one of the brains behind Harbor, an aesthetic video with dreamy images featuring the work of young designer Paloma Suarez.

The Photo Graduates: Sem Langendijk

Our eighth and last Photo Graduate is Sem Langendijk, a young photographer from Amsterdam. He grew up in an old railroad station after which he switched to boats, and from a young age on has known an environment in which people had a lot of freedom to follow their own path; living by their own standards and ethics.

Nosaj Thing

Last week we had the honor of attending the Madrid show by LA producer and artist Nosaj Thing for his latest album release No Reality.


Nomadas es un proyecto que nace junto al inicio del verano con la intención de ofrecer una experiencia multisensorial a todos sus asistentes, cargada de música, arte, danza, performance y visuales que nos harán perder en un gran viaje electrónico-orgánico, trascendental y hedonista.

Discoflamingo – 4 years, till eternity

Our friends from Rotterdam, An & Nas, are celebrating the fourth anniversary of their baby Discoflamingo with the launch of a limited edition jacket, in collaboration with artist & illustrator Saïd Kinos. The widely known concept party started 4 years ago as an alternative for

Departure: FABZ Pi

FABZ Pi, half Italian, half Ethiopian was born and raised in Addis Adaba, Ethiopia. He spent his childhood playing outside, exploring the wild and fishing with the local kids at Lake Langano. Those years became key in his work and music, where his connection with

Zyta Jurgielska

Zyta Jurgielska is a glitch artist and student of Art Criticism from Poland, who finds her inspiration in the act of destruction, such as in images of abandoned buildings or a battlefield. She got into “glitch art” by complete chance after trying out an online