Pablo Saborio


Post Chrysalis by Pablo Saborio

Pablo Saborio,  author of the abstract poem ´Formulas de un cualquiera´ featured in Who Knows Issue 2, is not just an artist with words, but also with paint. He was born in San José, Costa Rica and after wandering over 25 countries such as the US, Sweden and Germany he is now finally based in Copenhagen, Denmark where he is a resident member of creative collective SPACE in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, working in a basement together with 23 other artists, poets, mystics and dreamers.

He gets his inspiration from a sense of lack. “There are days when I wake up and perceive a general atmosphere of emptiness in the world. I feel an urgency to create something new, to introduce a novel form in the world, trying -as it were- to momentarily fill the void with a sort of gentle echo.”

Early in his education he realized that concepts, and language in general, can go only so far in grasping and describing our existence. “Abstraction is as close I can come to the formless, the intangible, the inconceivable that in some sense is more real than the objects, shapes and names of the world we live in.”


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