Zyta Jurgielska

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© Zyta Jurgielska

Zyta Jurgielska is a glitch artist and student of Art Criticism from Poland, who finds her inspiration in the act of destruction, such as in images of abandoned buildings or a battlefield. She got into “glitch art” by complete chance after trying out an online photo corrupting tutorial that didn’t work out as well as she’d hoped. Nonetheless, she was so attracted by the aesthetics of glitched photos that she started experimenting with it in various design programs. Talking about glitch as an artform she explains: “I think glitch art itself finds its place somewhere in between graphic design and new media art. Recently, people have actively started imitating the glitch process, but there are still people that believe glitch art can only be made by corrupting a file.”

With “glitch art” being a very young art form, there are no limitations to its growth, and especially with the availability of tools such as Photoshop, it has been praised for its accessibility. “Scripts and processing, originally used to glitch images, are like magic to me, so I stick to programmes that allow me to imitate the effect. I glitch drawings, or images I find, and sometimes I even glitch the glitched image. Most of my work is created with happy accidents.”

“Glitch art” forms a big part of the young Remix Culture, the controversial act of re-using and remixing existing images to create something new. “In my opinion this is absolutely inspiring, there are a lot of great works of new media art that are essentially just remixes of previous art pieces, but by combining the different elements it results in something innovative.”

For Who Knows ISSUE #3 she made an exclusive piece of glitch art as part of the #ArtPosterSeries, available only with the printed zine.


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© Zyta Jurgielska

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© Zyta Jurgielska

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© Zyta Jurgielska

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