Remember seeing Drive for the first time? And how the music was all syrupy and hypnotic and slowly got under your skin with every bar? Well, that’s at least how we recall the day we saw it on the big screen for the first time.


JPTR is Everything! Well, technically, they’re a duo based in Zürich, Switzerland. Which is odd, because their press photos only feature one person: JPTR, a morph between KIU (Vocals and Drums) and IKARU (Drums and Vocals).


I met Marie Herlin and Maxime Gambon at l’Atelier en ville a concept store in the center of Brussels. This stylish yet cosy location is where they work and where you can find the clothes from their brand, Nalebinding.


Icelandic artist astvaldur is fresh from the release of his debut album. Released via his Berlin collective and label oqko, ‘At Least’ is a sublime work of deconstructed ‘club’ music one could file in the vicinity of Arca and Lotic. Wallowing in lower frequencies and arctic melodies, astvaldur’s voice stands out as unique and highly refined, rising shoulders above the hyperconsumerist tendencies of the mesh of genres he draws inspiration from.

Neu Matter

We are talking to Neu Matter, a band of experimental music, to learn more about the project started by Luis Muñoz Nordberg, voice & lyrics, Rubén Herranz, guitar, Jaeson Miguel, bass, Aria Hurtado, keyboard and flute, and Dioni Vizcaya Bermudo, drums.

Sequoia Ziff

Sequoia Ziff’s snapshots arise as a result of her attraction to timelessness and imperfection and of her desire to convey vulnerability and nostalgia. Her particular way of looking…


Arjen Roos is the one responsible for all design and art direction in the shops owned by Hutspot in the Netherlands. With him we travel through the optimism that’s key for the success behind the start-up.

Red Light Radio

“We moved in for just a couple of months and everyone was enjoying it a lot. So one more month and then one more month and then all of a sudden we were already there for a year. And now we’ve been here for 6 years”.


His passion for art began on a skateboard and was inspired by artists such as Neil Blender, Mark Gonzales and Chris Miller. Besides, he dreamt about making his own artwork in children’s books.

Ivan Cicchetti

He has lived in Spain for six years, but the marked Italian accent of Ivan Cicchetti (Bolonia, 1988) doesn’t fool anyone and is part of his trademark. Tall and slim, he’s a man with a lively spirit and big ideas, forever sketching out plans and turning them into projects.