His passion for art began on a skateboard and was inspired by artists such as Neil Blender, Mark Gonzales and Chris Miller. Besides, he dreamt about making his own artwork in children’s books.

Ivan Cicchetti

He has lived in Spain for six years, but the marked Italian accent of Ivan Cicchetti (Bolonia, 1988) doesn’t fool anyone and is part of his trademark. Tall and slim, he’s a man with a lively spirit and big ideas, forever sketching out plans and turning them into projects.

ZONE #3: “Anti-Human” eco-editorial

Our friends from the Kolor collective reached out to us with some new, unpublished material, a co-production between between the rising star of Brazil’s eccentric fashion scene, designer Fernando Cozendey, and Franco-Hungarian photographer Pol Kurucz, founder of the kolor collective.

Atila Madrona

A fine line exists between working in an office and travelling around New Zealand on a bicycle, and we call it desire. Desire to make reality out of a passing thought, half in jest and half sincere.

Gisele Azad

Last year in the midst of the European-wide refugee crisis we talked to Iranian-born Gisele Azad, one of the volunteers of the Dutch refugee organization ‘The Vrolijkheid’. Now, a year later she still works with them and has recently teamed up with photographer Lotte van Raalte for a multidisciplinary project with a story.

Black Cracker

As we blindly tumble deeper into the digital age, intimacy and personal connection begins to fade along with the sense of local community. Black Cracker, man of many talents, explores this evolution from the natural to the virtual in his recent record release ‘Come As U R’.


When I think about my adolescent self – I always go back to these times, perhaps because it was when I began to discover who I was – It feels like the life of another. The woman that appears there in my memory seems fake. It’s not me, although it was.

Languages’ 5 Videos To Get Tripping

The Berlin psych-pop duo dish out a psyechedelic platter that will bend your mind. We’ve reached out to Languages and asked them to take us deeper down their rabbit hole of hallucinatory influences. Pop open the tabs, pop some tabs… let’s go.

Franz Kirmann – Hypertrance

Franz Kirmann’s new album Elysian Park is derived from a series of video installations produced with Berlin design studio Zeitguised and fashion brand Franzius.

Daniel Ruane

Following the release of his recent LP The Interpreter, an album of radical remixes, Manchester producer Daniel Ruane returns with his newest offering Lakes, released just last week on LA’s Proximal records.